Seamless Opportunities Prices – Australia

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Fully integrated with Act! yesyesyes
Works with Act! Pro and Premium versions 18-25+greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
No web editions are currently available.
Works with 32 bit Office (2010 onwards) and 64 bit Office with Act! v19 onwards and with Windows 7-11.greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Annual user licences +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
The number of Seamless Opportunities licences you will need depends on how many people need to have access to the software. So, for example, you may have 6 people in your team using Act! but only need to purchase 3 licences for those users who will do quotes.
Automatic quote number generation +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
You can choose between central, individual, processes and team quote numbering.
Calculated fields+greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Perform calculations using fields across contact, company, opportunity and Seamless fields to merge to your document.
Quotation template gallery +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
As many templates as you like.
Merge with Microsoft® Word, Excel and Adobe® PDFgreenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Incorporating our "Seamless Merging" add-on, Merge from the Contact and Company detail or Contact list view, using the "Print" button and pull data from both, to your documents. Works with multiple Contacts and can merge directly to Outlook email.greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Quotation template design link to Microsoft® Word and Excelgreenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Bar code creation and print +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Create bar codes for fields in Act! or Seamless Opportunities to output to labels or other documents
Product/service image referencinggreenyesgreenyes
Easy import of Act! and external product files +greenyesgreenyes
Import your products, including images, directly into Seamless Opportunities
Categorise your products +yesyes
Put your products into searchable categories where you can update prices.
See the detail on prices and costs +
Hold your prices and costs to as many decimal places as you want, at product level.

Split your costs into material and labour fields. When your quotes are updated to Act! they will be totalled in custom Act! fields.
Multi-currency quoting +greenyesgreenyes
You maintain the exchange rate for any currencies you wish to use. Once you have created a foreign exchange quote it is set for that quote until you amend it, not when you change the rate table.
Customise columns +
Customise the columns in your quote and product screen to see the fields you want.
Quote segmentation +yesyes
Divide quotes into sections with sub-totals, move products from section to section and output them to Microsoft® Word using multiple tables in the document.
Create service items based on definable hourly rates+greenyes
Use service items in your quote to distinguish them from products. Total labour hours in the quote are used to populate custom fields in the opportunity for additional reporting.
Create 'bills of material', kits, packages or bundles+greenyes
Group components, both labour and materials, to build a quote into a single 'parent' item.
Control how much of your 'bill of material' you present to the customer+greenyes
'Telescope' your quote to a single line item or 'explode' your 'bill of material' to show your customer the detail
Works with remote Act! databases +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Seamless Opportunities works with remote databases. You synchronise to your main Act! database using the Seamless Opportunities synching tool.
Free technical support +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Every order for Seamless Opportunities (no matter how many licences that includes) comes with free technical support. Support is provided over the telephone and by e-mail but is restricted to technical functional issues, not set up or template creation. You can get help with these things by purchasing a Jump Start or Design Kit in Seamless Opportunities Extras.
Compatible with Act!'s Sage 50 Accounting link. +greenyesgreenyesgreenyes
Available at an additional cost through a joint licence. For Sage 50 and Sage Essentials UK and Eire versions only.


Number of annual licences in one transactionLITEFOUNDATIONELITE
1-4 $180.00 $300.00 $430.00
5-10 $171.00 $285.00 $408.50
11-28 $162.00 $270.00 $387.00
29+ $153.00 $255.00 $365.50



1/2 day's online help to get you up and running with Seamless Opportunities.

Seamless Opportunities is quick and easy to use. It doesn’t take long to set up but if you’d rather get a head start on the set up we can give you a hand.


Jump Start Kit provides 3.5 hours telephone and e-mail support to help you get up and running with your software, covering:

Installation of the software.
Mapping of fields from Seamless Opportunities to Act!
Creating or modifying Act! fields.
Mapping and importing your product data into Seamless Opportunities.

Subject to an assessment of the complexity of your requirements.
Let us design and load a quote, tender, proposal template to your design brief.

Seamless Opportunities includes a gallery of basic templates and we're adding to this all the time. Its also easy to design your own custom templates using Microsoft® Word. If you'd rather have them designed for you order this Design Kit.

2.5 hours bespoke design and loading of a quote, tender or proposal template to your design brief. Subject to receipt of a completed design brief (form supplied by us) and all necessary copy. Subject to an assessment of the complexity of your requirements.