In the balcony scene of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet muses, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Perhaps it would, but your given name creates an immediate, lasting impression. It’s your calling card and it often invokes an image right away. What would you expect from eating a yang tao fruit? Or a Chinese gooseberry? Or even a kiwi fruit? They are all one and the same thing it’s just the kiwi is the result of brand development.

Name that brand!

As a marketing professional of over 30 years, naming and creating brands has been a frequent part of my working life – and one I really enjoy, being a bit of a wordsmith. So when it came to naming our new Act! software development venture I thought I had it sussed. I had a working title for the business and I’d grown to like it. I had a vision for how it could be applied and rolled out.

Great name, no domain!

Then I did my online searches … and found that the domain name had been registered by someone else – for a similar but not competing service.

Back to the drawing board

About that time I sat down with Mary Thomas of Concise Training, who I got to know through local networking and who had started us on the road to social media, and shared our plans to start this new business. I enthusiastically described our vision and our first Act! add-on in development to which she said, ” So its seamless CRM really.” We both paused and looked at each other. And so the business was named Seamless CRM.

What makes a good brand name?

What I recognised in Seamless CRM was some of the key features of a good brand name:

  1. It’s descriptive – we do CRM
  2. It’s a commonly used business term – lots of people searching online for seamless CRM solutions
  3. You can build a brand story around it – see how we have built a seamless story at //
  4. It provides room to manoeuvre – we’re Act! specialists but we could move into other CRM products with this name
  5. It sounds good to the ear – that’ll be the alliteration then!

Thank you Mary!

We launched Seamless CRM this year. We love the name of our company. Thank you Mary! We hope you enjoy the fizz and flowers – just a small token of our appreciation.



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