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Renaissance Easy Claim


Claims Management


  • Large data volumes
  • Document heavy
  • Data accuracy and confidentiality
  • Compliance with industry and ombudsman standards
  • Moving clients quickly through a legal process


Automated production of client documentation in legally compliant formats within Act!

“Seamless CRM enables us to realise our passion”

The Problem

Renaissance Easy Claim provides consumers with support and advice when they have been mis-sold financial products such as mortgages, bank charges, investment products and payment protection insurance. Their business depends on identifying cases which can be won and winning those cases as quickly as possible. They deal with issues in volume which are complex and require accuracy, as well as a great deal of customer focus and passion for excellent service.

Renaissance wanted their team of skilled account handlers to be able to focus their skills on dealing with customers over the phone but needed to ensure that the documentation required to activate, log and prove a case was produced and dispatched efficiently.

The vast amount of information they needed to store in order to process claims demanded software that was sufficiently adaptable to meet their needs. Renaissance were already using Swiftpage’s Act! CRM system to record data and manage their customers’ cases. Due to the complexity and volume of the information they were recording, ordinary mail merge output mechanisms were not sophisticated enough to meet their needs.

To produce case documentation the team were using limited variable data options and having to manually personalise certain fields. The situation was further complicated where one customer might want to pursue multiple claims against multiple firms.


The Solution

Seamless CRM took the database and mapped the requirements of the output to the fields and produced some programmes, which automated the production of new customers’ “welcome” packs as well as case documentation, according to the standards required by the Financial Ombudsman Service. This involved:

  1. Mapping data fields
  2. Writing new code
  3. Designing forms and stationery to capture information in an acceptable format to the regulator
  4. Designing forms and stationery to maximise customer sign up
  5. Setting up a daily process to produce and send customer and case documentation

The Outcome

Renaissance now runs an automated process to produce customer and case documentation on a daily basis. The system extracts and manipulates case information and produces individually personalised customer packs, which contain all the required information to register and progress a claim so that the customer does not have to fill anything in but just simply needs to check, sign and return it.


Renaissance have been able to reduce the number of people producing all types of packs for signature and so use this expert resource to enable more time to talk to customers and progress their complaints in an effective way.


Renaissance customers with claims enquiries please contact Premier Financial on 01793 250160 and not Seamless CRM – thank you.



We pride ourselves on the expertise and quality of our service - Seamless CRM enables us to realise our passion by providing us with their own unique Act! expertise and service so we can get on with the things which matter most to us.

Maggie Gill Renaissance Easy Claim


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